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Test Preparation Tips for Your Contractor License Exam

If you have been thinking of becoming a licensed contractor, a school offering contractor test preparation can help you transform your dream into a reality. In order to legally start your own contracting business in Arizona, you will need to pass the state contractor licensing test. With the help of a contractor licensing center in Phoenix, you will be well on your way to passing the exam. To help you get started, here are some essential test preparation tips.

Remain Attentive During Class

Studying for the contractor license exam will begin on your very first day of class. By remaining attentive during all of your test prep sessions, you will gain valuable information about the key elements of the test. In addition, you should be sure to take notes and ask questions about any information that seems unclear to you.

Attend Review Sessions

Along with remaining attentive during each class, it is also important to attend any review sessions that are offered by your contractor license center. During a review session, you may go over important information that you could find on the contractor test. In addition, during these review sessions, you will be able to ask for clarification about any information that you are unsure of.

Get Ready the Day Before

The day before your contractor license exam, it is a great idea to make sure that you have taken all the steps needed to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. For example, it is a good idea to get a good night’s sleep before your exam. In addition, you should be sure to review any notes so that all of the information is fresh in your mind.

When you are ready to start studying for your contractor license exam, the expert instructors at Arizona Contractor License Center will be there to assist you. We provide new contractors and existing contractors in Phoenix with a full range of exam services, and can help you with your license bond. Call us at (866) 414-1925 to learn more about the exam prep courses that we have to offer you.

What is a Statutory Agent?

When setting up a Limited Liability Company or Corporation (LLC), you are required to have and appoint a statutory agent. This agent will be served any legal documents regarding your business entity and is responsible for sharing this information with you. Although you can appoint yourself as the statutory agent, approximately 80-90% of business owners who act as their own statutory agent fail to file a timely annual report, which can result in the involuntary dissolution of your LLC and can even jeopardize the status of your contractor’s license.

Arizona Contractor License Center will provide you with the necessary tools to pass your license exam, set up your contracting business, secure bonding coverage, and more. You can even appoint the AZLC as your statutory agent to help keep your entity in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Registrar of Contractors, and the Arizona Department of Revenue. Call us in Phoenix at (888) 414-1925 to learn how we can help you become a licensed contractor and set up your own business.

Reviewing the License Application Filing Process

In Arizona, it is illegal to bid on a construction project before obtaining a contractor’s license from the AZROC. After you complete all testing requirements for the classification for which you are seeking a license, you will need to complete the license application and pay the appropriate fees to the various licensing and processing agencies. This video further explains the application filing process and the benefit of working with Arizona Contractor License Center to obtain your contractor’s license in Phoenix.

Arizona Contractor License Center is the #1 resource for those seeking to become licensed contractors in AZ. While we help you prepare for the contractor licensing test, we will also get started on your company setup and license application to help you get up and running as a licensed contractor as quickly as possible. Call us toll-free at (888) 414-1925 to speak with one of our licensing specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions about Contractor's License Bonds

In order to obtain a license, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZROC) requires that contractors file for a surety bond in the form a license bond in the amount requires by the license classification and the anticipated annual gross volume for the business. This bond assures clients that the contractor will perform the work, pay all subcontractors and laborers, and comply with all building codes set forth by the state. If you’re preparing to take your contractor licensing test, these FAQs about license bonds will help you get your business up and running as soon as you pass the exam.

Where Can I Obtain a Bond?

Surety bonds may be obtained from any insurance company which is authorized by the Arizona Department of Insurance to issue contractor’s license bonds in Arizona. Bonds may also be provided in the form of cash or a certificate of deposit from any bank which operates in the state.

What are My Bond Limits?

License bonds are established based upon the expected gross volume of work for the ensuing fiscal year. Residential general contractors require a $9,000 bond for gross volume less than $750,000 and a $15,000 bond for gross volume in excess of $750,000. The highest bond amount is $100,000 for commercial general contractors with an expected gross volume in excess of $10 million. A full list of bond limits and regulations is available on the AZROC website.

How Long is a Bond Valid?

Surety bonds must be continuous, which means there is no termination date on the bond. You may be required to pay premiums to the insurance company to keep the bond in force. If your bond is in cash, the bond will be retained until two years after the license terminates, at which point you may apply to have the bond released to you if no claims are made against the bond in that time.

Arizona Contractor License Center can guide you through every step of becoming a licensed contractor. In addition to our licensing classes and test preparation services, we also provide bonding assistance to help contractors secure the proper bonds. Call us today at (888) 414-1925 to learn more about our services.

Setting Up a Contracting Business in Arizona

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, consider setting up your very own contracting business. As a business owner, you will be able to pick and choose the jobs that put your skills to good use and provide the most take home pay. Here is a look at some of the most important steps of establishing your legal entity and getting your contracting business off the ground.

Obtain Your Contractor’s License

The first step is to obtain your Arizona contractor’s license. Arizona Contractor License Center has all the tools and resources you’ll need to pass the licensing exam. AZCL will even help you file your license application after passing the exam.

Choose a Company Name and Entity Type

Once you obtain your contractor’s license, you will need to choose a company name and entity type. AZCL can help you research and reserve your company name with the required state agencies and choose the right type of business entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, LLC, etc.)

Secure Bonding Coverage

In order to complete your contractor application, you will need to obtain a surety bond, which is a special type of agreement that is designed to protect both you and the client. Bond limits vary depending on the type of contracting work you plan on completing and your estimated gross annual volume.

Arizona Contractor License Center can assist you in obtaining your contractor’s license and setting up your company. Our goal is to prepare you for the contractor licensing exam and move you through the entity setup process in a timely manner so you can start earning a living as quickly as possible. You can even name ACLC as your statutory agent if you will be filing as an LLC. Call us today at (888) 414-1925 to learn more about our contractor licensing classes and company setup services.

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